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Recruitment position

Product Department
Product manager 1

Job requirements?/h4> 1. College degree or above;
2. More than five years working experience in the semiconductor industry, more than three years working experience in consumer electronics or IOT, familiar with ST product line is preferred;
3. Familiar with English working environment, can listen, speak, read and write;
4. Good at interpersonal communication and customer relationship maintenance;
5, logical, and organized;
6, strong pressure resistance, can accept the challenge;
7, proficient in Office software and Outlook.

Marketing Department
Sales manager 2

Job requirements?/h4> 1. Responsible for communication, training, guidance and development of dealers in their respective regions;
2. According to the sales plan formulated by the department, it is responsible for the overall and specific management of the regional sales work;
3. Master the market dynamics and development trends of the managed areas, and propose specific regional marketing activity plans and specific marketing workflows and rules based on market changes;
4. Responsible for the management of terminal direct sellers in the area under their jurisdiction, responsible for product and sales training for direct sellers;
5. Responsible for the locking, advancing, differential, and closed loop of the planned sampling of the stores in the area under management;
6. Maintain the image of the terminal store in the managed area and the market order in the region;
7. Responsible for the coordination and handling of various unexpected events in the managed area.

Department of Design
Graphic designer 2

Job requirements?/h4>

1.According to the positioning and communication direction of the corporate culture and brand, design the online and offline materials needed for brand promotion, including posters, albums, banners, and H5 peripherals;

2. Communicate requirements with project members and propose design plans, including main visual design, creative elements, color matching, activity renderings, manual layout design, etc.

3. Correctly grasp the design direction of each project, realize the final effect of the design plan, ensure the design quality; follow up the material production progress;

4. Assist in maintaining brand design specifications and other related work.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in visual communication design, 3 years experience in electronic product brand design;

2. Have a solid art background, be good at capturing popular design trends, have accurate understanding and rich creative ability in design creation; be proficient in PS, AI, CDR and other common design software;

3. Have good teamwork, communication and execution skills. Please attach a link to the work in the portfolio or resume when you submit it.